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Sunday, 14 July 2013

The Body Shop Shower Gel: Olive and Sweet Lemon

Hey everyone….wishing you a happy Sunday ahead.

For me, Sundays mean sleeping till 10am, taking a looong shower, lazing around on my bean bag with a book, watching a movie on my laptop, listening to music and well…catching up on a little blogging :D

Today I will be reviewing my favourite brand of shower gels- The Body Shop Shower Gels.

Most of you must have used these already, they are a rage all over the world. My favourite from this range is the Sweet Lemon one. Actually, I am really fond of all things lemon-y, and this shower gel is just an extension of that fondness. :P  I had bought the Olive one on an impulse, because it is green in colour, and I love the colour green. Also, I also liked the smell of olives that this shower gel has.
Apart from this, I love the new Peach shower Gel that they have introduced, and would surely be getting it the next time.

Coming down to the individual reviews:

Olive Shower Gel:
The TBS shower gel is an olive green shower gel. It has a mild smell of olives which don’t usually appeal to many. However, I really like the smell and hence, decided to give this a try. The consistency of the shower gel is good and pretty much like the other TBS shower gels: not runny, and not thick at all. Its just perfect. It makes up a good lather and the smell stays for some time after showering.

Sweet Lemon Shower Gel:
My favourite shower gel of the lot! This must be my 20th or 30th bottle :P As you can see, this is a new pack, I recently finished one and I am already ready with a new one. I make sure I am well stocked with this shower gel. This shower gel has a faint fragrance of lemons that I absolutely heart. It is pale yellow in colour, though it looks really bright in the bottle. It works up a good lather and is a perfect combo with the TBS bath lilies.

Quantity: 250ml.
Price: Rs.340/-

What do I love ‘bout TBS Shower Gels?
·         They smell great. There are about 8-10 variants in this range and they all smell heavenly. Also, the smell stays for an hour at least, after the shower.
·         They lather really well, so a little quantity works a long way. A single bottle lasts me approximately 2 months. (Uhm…I would like to point out that I use 2-3 shower gels alternately, but I use the TBS ones 4-5 times a week).
·         The consistency of the shower gel is good. They are not thick, nor runny. Just perfect!
·         They are soap-free. So, they don’t make your skin dry. (However, since I tend to have dry skim mostly, I usually apply lotion after taking a shower.)
·         They are not very expensive. Okay, now if you compare TBS and let’s say….LUX, then I can’t really argue, but considering that we are talking about TBS here, I find the price pretty decent.
·         I love the packaging. It’s super cute. The cap is strong. The bottle is pretty travel-friendly.

What do I hate ‘bout the TBS Shower Gels?
Hmmm….nothing really. Honestly, TBS bath products are great. I love the shower gels more than the Bath and Body Works one (talking about this Sweet Pea Shower gel that I tried…gosh…I smelt so sickeningly strong and sweet).

Do I recommend TBS Shower Gels? Well, I don’t think I have to answer that. Quickly go get yourself one. Also, don’t forget to get a Bath Lily (their loofas). They are weirdly soft!!


P.S: TBS is having a sale right now. This is the best time to stock up on the shower gels! OH, and now the TBS products have a new avatar!!!


  1. Good review Riz!! I still haven't got these yet !!

    1. You should definitely try them. They are great. :)

  2. Nice review, will try their loofah also.

    1. oh yes! they are the softest loofas I have ever tried.


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