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Sunday, 14 July 2013

Davis Nail Colors:Reviews and Swatches

Hi all,

Remember the nailpaints I showed you in my haul post HERE???

Well, today I will be reviewing the Davis Nail Colors. I had bought four of them from They have many colours to choose from, but since they were a new brand of nailpaints, I decided to buy only four shades.

Quantity: 10ml, according to the bottle, but I doubt it.
Price: Rs.35/- :D

The Bottle: these come in tiny bottles, with a rather unnecessary huge cap, with this sticker of a girl on it. It’s kinda ugly and cheap-looking.
The Brush: is super tiny; and a little difficult to work with.

Now, coming onto the individual colours:-

1)      LAVENDER BLUSH: It is a pretty dark mauve shade. It looks good on all skin tones. Needs 2 coats for full opacity. A little thick in consistency. It looks a little darker in the shade, but comes out beautiful in the sun.
It took ages to dry, and as you can see, I have already smudged the paint on my index and middle fingers, even after waiting for ten minutes. :(
with flash: applied 2 coats
under room light

2)      STARLET: It is my favourite of the lot. An excellent choice for daily wear. It is a beautiful shade of pink, which will look lovely on fair and medium skintones. It needs 3 coats. Consistency is a little thin.
This takes ages to dry as well. :(

with flash: used 2 coats
under room light

3)      HAPPY HOUR: a myriad of tiny muti-coloured glitters in a clear base. The glitters reflect all the colours in the rainbow. The consistency was good. This was the only one which dried properly in ten minutes. One coat is enough to slather a good amount of glitter. In the following pictures, I have used 2 coats though, over Starlet.
with flash: 2 coats of Happy Hour over 2 coats of Starlet
in room light

4)      VALLEY FLOWER: Silver glitters in a navy blue-purplish base. It requires 2-3 coats for full coverage. This dries up fast as well. This is certainly not an everyday kind-of nailpaint, but great for evening out at clubs or discotheques :P Also, like most glitter paints, the glitter from this is a little difficult to remove.
with flash:2 coats used
in room light

Final Word:
-> Should you buy these nailpaints? Not, really.
-> Will I buy these nailpaints? NO!
-> One reason that might make you really want to try out a shade? The price. If you really like a shade or two, go ahead and get them.

Here are the swatches on white paper for you to understand the shades better :)

You can buy these nailpaints from HERE.

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  1. Riz its amazing!! your nails are gorgeous!!

    1. hahaha...Thank u so mach, ashmita!
      But i recently cut them short 'coz of college and hospital activities.

  2. You are totally right. This post actually made my day. You can not imagine just how much time I


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