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Sunday, 20 October 2013

:) The Leibster Blog Award :)

I am superbly excited to write this post. Isn’t it absolutely wonderful when you are appreciated for something? It’s been just a few months since I started this blog, and already I have received the Leibster Award. And believe it or not, I am on Cloud 9. I had never imagined that I would be given this award this early and when I would visit all these other blogs and see them have the Leibster Award badge on their sidebar, I would just imagine what it would feel like to get one of those, as well!

Now thanks to my awesome fellow bloggers Ashmita, Arshita and Fiona, I can proudly display the Leibster Award badge on my sidebar. You guys have made my day. Words, simply cannot express how I feel to have been given this honour by you three. Love you guys! <3

Here’s a little intro to their blogs as well. If you haven’t checked them out already, then what are you waiting for? Quickly go over to their blogs and see how amazing they are!

Ashmitha, a fellow medical student, started her blog a few months. But her awesome eye makeup posts and friendly nature got her a number of followers in no time. Check out her blog here to see what I am talking about :)

Arshita, who also started her blog a few months back, is a pro at churning out natural homemade remedies and simple, yet pretty makeup looks. Visit her blog here to get an idea about what I am trying to say :)

Fiona, is a perky new blogger who has a pretty amazing and envy-inducing collection of makeup. She writes about drugstore makeup products as well as high-end ones. Also, she has the amazing ability to write posts almost everyday. Have a look at her blog here right now, and get awed at her nail swatches :)

Now, coming onto the questions they have asked me, I have written down each set of answers one after the other :D 

Questions given to me by Ashmitha:
1.What is the first makeup product you got?
 - A lipgloss from Maybelline, when I was 14.
2.What is your favourite jewellery?
 - I am not much of a jewellery person, but I do love experimenting with earrings.
3.Which brand do you wish to try so eagerly?
 - Essie!!!! I love their nailpaints!
4.Which product do you avoid the most?
 - Concealers.
5.What is your favourite drugstore and high end brand?
 - Favourite drugstore brand will have to be Maybelline. High-end brand will include MAC.
6.What is your favourite lipgloss?
 - Revlon Super-Lustrous Lipgloss in Lilac Crème.
7.Which one product you wish you possess the entire life time?
  - MAC blush in Blushbaby.
8.What is your favourite home remedy?
 - Haha!! Uhhh….scrubbing a sugar-cube on my lips vigorously to exfoliate it.
9.What is your recent favourite blog?
 - The blog is very well-written. Only sad thing is that it’s an International Blog, so most of the reviews are about high-end brands or stuff that you don’t get in India.
10.What is your favourite online shopping site?
11.How recent do you purchase your makeup products?
 - I avoid buying make-up unless it’s absolutely necessary or I want to try something new really badly. However, when it comes to buying  nailpaints, I tend to pick a few up every other week.

Questions given to me by Fiona:
1. Which ingredient from the kitchen you swear by?
 - Sugar!! :/
2. Which is the most expensive make up product that you own?
 - A Chanel Eyepencil.
3. One place you would love to go and with whom?
 - Uhm… Rio de Janeiro during the Carnival, with my significant other :P
4. Bags or Shoes?
 - Shoes!! I am not really a bag-person.
5. Favorite drug store brand and high-end brands?
 - Maybelline and MAC, respectively.
6. Which is the current TV series that you are addicted to?
 - Currently, it’s Two and a Half Men. But, I am crazily addicted to F.R.I.E.N.D.S…I tend to watch an episode or two every day, even though I have every scene memorized to the T.
7. Which is your favourite Lipstick, Mascara and Blush?
 - Lipstick: uhhh…I don’t use lipsticks. I own a few Maybelline ones that I am not very fond of.
   Mascara: Maybelline Falsies Mascara.
   Blush: MAC Blushbaby.
8. Name one celebrity you envy?
 - I don’t usually envy people…but uh…from the top of my head, Halle Berry. She has an amazing personality.
9. Name a movie that you never get bored of watching?
 - Horrible Bosses! It’s hilarious.
10. Name 5 beauty blogs you follow?
 -, IMBB, WiseShe, MusingsOfAMuse, Corallista.
11. Whats on your wish list?
 - My wish-list keeps changing and upgrading. Currently, I wish to hoard all the shades from the Maybelline Color Show range of Nailpaints :D

Questions given to me by Arshita:
1. Who is your style icon?
 - Ahh…I don’t have any icon whom I follow as such. However, I do love Deepika Padukone’s sense of style.
2. What is your favorite attire?
 - A loose t-shirt and a pair of denims. You can never go wrong with them. :)
3. Which actress's wardrobe do you envy?
 - I don’t envy anyone’s wardrobe, as such…However, if I have to choose, it will have to be Deepika Padukone’s. That woman sure knows what can turn heads her way!
4. What is your favorite lipstick shade?
 - I don’t own too many lipsticks, but I do have this Maybelline Color Sensational  Lipstick in Wine something that I dab on my lips and it give an amazing tint to it. The lipstick as such is super-dark and vampire-ish! :P
5. Your Favorite perfume till date.
 - J’adore by Christian Dior, Chanel No.5, Davidoff Cool Water and Dior Poison. Very hard to pick a favourite. I love them all equally.
6. What type of shoes you wear mostly?
 - Simple flats in different shades.
7. Your favorite timepass?
 -  Sleeping. Yeah, not kidding! Uh…if not that, then watching funny movies and TV shows.
8. Your best-buy till now?
 - An Apple Ipad Mini. Period.
9. Your favorite cartoon character.
 - Hahaha….now that’s a tough one. I am still addicted to cartoons. My favourite character is probably Johnny Bravo. He is so dumb and funny, and ridiculous, you can’t just help but love him.
10. Name one makeup product that you use everytime you go out.
 - Lipbalm. I never go anywhere without using that.
11. Your favorite skin care brand.
 - Nivea and Olay.

Whew, that was one fun ride answering every question :P
Now, coming onto the people I will be tagging. Please note that I have chosen those blogs who have less than 200 Google+ followers! 
I would like to tag the following people :)

1. Meghana of Happiest Ladies
2. Arpita of Indian Beauty Centre
3. Arshi of Makeup and World
4. Charu of My Glossy Affair
5. Sahana of Glamour Journals
7. Eleena of Beauty in Your Hands
8. Sangeeta of Wooing Beauty
10. Bharathi of Transit Beautiful
11. Divya of Nail Art by Divya

Here's are the questions that I would like you girls to answer :)
Just copy the following down, answer them, tag me back and tag 11 other bloggers with less than 200 followers! Spread the joy around!

Finally, I would like to thank Asmitha, Arshita and Fiona again for nominating me for the award :) <3


Riz <3

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Update: Exams Ahead! :(

It's almost end of the academic year...and with the joys of being done with another year, comes the impending wrath, that is exams!! :(

Okay, that was a little too intense, but basically, what I wanted to imply is that my exams are coming up and I will not be blogging much. Actually, to be honest, I haven't been very regular for the past few months either during to the study-pressure, barely churning out around 10 posts or less. And I feel extremely bad about that (maybe I didn't choose the right time to start the blog :/). But I promise you all, that is about to change once I am back in January!

Uh, yes, January. I have my college internal exams going on now, and will start with my University exams in November. After that, I will be going home in December. So, I will be back with a bang, only in January.

However, I will not be complete absent, I might post every now and then :) You can check my Facebook page for updates! 

Until next time,


Riz <3

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Maybelline Color Show Nail Polishes: Review and Swatches

When Maybelline launched the Color Show nail polishes in India, I was literally squealing with joy. I had seen these nailpaints all over the International beauty blogs and wondered when they would come to India. 
But honestly, I never thought they would come this soon. And at 75 bucks? That is just too good to be true, right?!

But well, they are here and they are for Rs.75, so why should a nailpolish addict like me not get a few, right?  Also, believe it or not, they have come up with 40 shades in this range :O :)) Yayy!

Today, I will be showing you lovely girls 3 shades from the range. I picked them up in a matter of seconds from New U, when I had actually gone there to buy a few other things, so I didn’t really get to see all the shades properly. However, I have a good mind of going there pretty soon and picking up another loads of shades. 

L-R: Tenacious Teal, Coral Crush, Denim Dash

These nailpaints come in these small, cute, cylindrical bottles that are just too cute to resist. They look extremely cute in my cupboard and I can’t help but look at them once, every time I open it.

They have 6ml of product, which is honestly fine by me. At 75 bucks a colour, 6 ml actually works fine. This way, you can buy them every time you finish a colour. I just hope that Maybelline don’t hike the prices like they did with most of their other products.

The brush is pretty great to work with, as well. It’s small, but easy to hold and use.

All in all, everything about these nailpaints make me wanna pick them up and paint my nails with them. They even dry super-fast!

So, coming on to the colours now…..the shades I picked up are Tenacious Teal, Coral Crush and Denim Dash. Check out the pictures below :)

Warning: Picture-heavy post!!! :D
And sorry about my nails. I have my exams coming up, and long nails don’t really go down well with medicine professors! :/

Tenacious Teal: More like a teal-y green, this colour was one of the most sought after colours when this range was launched in the International markets. So I just had to pick this shade up as well. The colour shows up well with one coat, but I applied 2 coats to intensify it. I think this colour will suit most skin-tones. It is certainly a unique shade.

Swatch under artificial light

Swatch in sunlight

 Coral Crush: True to it’s name, this a pretty coral shade, and I certainly had a crush on it when I saw it. Loving the colour, loving the way it looks on my nail. Very girly, very chic! 2 coats do the trick.

Swatch under artificial light

Swatch in sunlight

 Denim Dash: This is hands-down the show-stopper! Why? ‘coz it is arguably the best shade that this range has come up with! And to top it off, it dries MATTE!!!!!! Yes, this shade applies all glossy, but when it dries up, it’s all matte. I was happily shocked to see this and better yet, this is a one-coater. The colour is a unique blue, with tiny silver and light-blue glitters. This is one shade you all must get!

Applies glossy
Dries matte :)
Do you see the glitters? Click to enlarge! :D
Swatch under artificial light

Swatch in sunlight

Here's another look at the tiny beauties! :P

The colours under sunlight

Oh! Check out this mini-brochure that I got. They have these simple nail-art ideas that you can do!

Take a look! (Click to enlarge the pics!)

Whew! That was one long post, huh?! And  happy one at that! Last Word: these nail paints are certainly one of the best thing to have come to the Indian markets in a long time. Do not hesitate to grab a few of them the next time you head to the store! They will not disappoint.