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Saturday, 6 July 2013

Rimmel London Soft Kohl Kajal Eyeliner Pencil: Review and Swatches

Hey everyone, 

Today I was in a rush to go to college, and I forgot to apply kohl, or anything else for the matter on my face. Well, I did not really face a big issue for not applying sunscreen or a lipbalm (with the rains and all), but I did have to hear numerous “Are you okay”s and “You look sleepy”s… All this because of not applying kajal on my eyes!! :|

So, basically in conclusion to the whole story, the thing is kohls have become such an important part of my daily routine that people (including fashion impaired guys) notice it when I don’t wear them. So, here I will be reviewing a kohl that I recently bought from

Rimmel, till about a few months back were available only in a few international sites, but now you can get them  online as well as from counters in the malls in major cities. They sell great products at super-affordable prices! This kohl right here is one of those things from Rimmel that you can definitely buy. 

The Rimmel London Soft Kohl  Eyeliner Pencil comes in 9 shades:
Jet Black
Stormy grey
Pure White
Sable Brown
Purple Passion
Denim Blue
Royal Blue
Jungle Green
Green Shimmer

I have with me the shade Jet Black
I dig black pencils and after reading a lot of positive reviews about this pencil, I decided to play safe and get the black one for myself.

(Click on the pics for larger images)

About the Pencil:
The pencil comes in a regular wooden pencil form with a firm cap. It is easy to sharpen the pencil. Now I know that most people don’t like the idea of a wooden pencil that needs sharpening due to product wastage, but honestly, I prefer them over retractable pencils. For me, Wooden pencils are always easier to apply, and especially so when you are in a hurry. These pencils have the same coloured body as their shade colour. Since mine is black, the body is also black with the shade name inscribed on the sides.

The Kohl is super soft, super creamy and a dream-to-apply on the eyes. It goes on smoothly, without a tug and gives an intense colour to the eyes. You can smudge the colour to create a smokey look with ease. The kohl goes on smoothly on the upper lid, as well as on the waterline.

(click on the pic for a larger image)

How long does it stay?
I wore this at 7.30am and took it off at 9pm. There was very little fading at the edges. With 2 swipes on the lid, the colour should stay put without any appreciable fading.
On the waterline, the kohl had slightly faded after 4 hours and needed another application. After about 6-7 hours, the colour on the waterline may smudge. 

Quantity and Price:
     The pencil contains 1.2g of product and costs only Rs.145/-  I know right, dirt cheap, considering the quality of the product.
 (For reference, take Lakme Eyeconic. It has 0.35g of product. The length of both the pencils are same.)

Hmmm…I think I have covered everything you might need to know about the pencil. So, I will quickly summarize the pros and cons for you:

- Jet black in colour, superb intensity when applied.
- Application is very easy- formula is soft and creamy. It glides on easily on the lids and waterline.
- It is weirdly inexpensive! Rs.145/- is hardly anything compared to what the pencil offers.
- It can be smudged, if required, for a smokey look.
- Safe for contact lens wearers.
- It is sort-of waterproof. As in, if you splash water on it and just dab on it, it doesn’t smudge. But if you splash water on it and try to rub your skin off with a cloth, the colour does vanish, eventually.
- Many colours to choose from. You can surely find your pick from any of the colours mentioned above.

- Needs to be sharpened, product wastage, blah, blah, blah…..c’mon…for Rs.145/-, who cares if you waste a little product while sharpening?!
- I wish it stayed put on the waterline a bit longer, but honestly, this is not something I will really complain about.


Will I repurchase this product again?
Hell yeah…as soon as it gets over. As well as some of the other shades (Pure white, Jungle green, Denim blue).

My Suggestions for You:
This pencil is a steal. You should definitely give it a try.

Try these shades:
- Jungle Green: it’s a pretty dark green colour. This is the colour that I will pick up next from this range.
- Purple Passion: it is dupe of Colobar Prunella. Yes, it really is. So, if you have been thinking of getting prunella but not willing to spend much, try this one. (P.S.: I loooove Colobar i-glide pencils. Purple Passion is definitely a dupe of Prunella, but Colorbar pencils are a class apart, and I will always remain loyal to them :P).
- Denim Blue: It is a dark blue, that will look pretty on all skintones. 
- Pure White and Jet Black: because black pencils are must-haves for every girl and White pencils are a craze now, with the whole make-your-eyes-look-larger-with-white-pencils anthem. 
I did not suggest the other pencils because you will find similar dupes in other better brands. And those color don’t really suit everyone. The ones mentioned above do! To check for swatches, just Google them and you will find almost every other blog with a post on these pencils. 

My Rating: 5/5

Here are some looks that I tried with the kohl :D :

(please note that I have only applied the kohl, no other eye or skin products)

Hope this post was helpful. Do give these pencils a try.

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