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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Update: Exams Ahead! :(

It's almost end of the academic year...and with the joys of being done with another year, comes the impending wrath, that is exams!! :(

Okay, that was a little too intense, but basically, what I wanted to imply is that my exams are coming up and I will not be blogging much. Actually, to be honest, I haven't been very regular for the past few months either during to the study-pressure, barely churning out around 10 posts or less. And I feel extremely bad about that (maybe I didn't choose the right time to start the blog :/). But I promise you all, that is about to change once I am back in January!

Uh, yes, January. I have my college internal exams going on now, and will start with my University exams in November. After that, I will be going home in December. So, I will be back with a bang, only in January.

However, I will not be complete absent, I might post every now and then :) You can check my Facebook page for updates! 

Until next time,


Riz <3


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