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Saturday, 6 July 2013

Nail Paints Haul

My very first haul post (eeeee)…

I had always imagined that when I write my first haul post, it will be something huge, maybe a MAC haul or something from an international site or something that I bought with a voucher worth 5k…uhm, u get the point?! :P

But well, that is not the case today  :/  However, I am in love with everything I bought in this haul. Actually, this is not really one single haul, but multiple hauls over the past 1 week or so. And they are all nailpaints.

I am a nailpaint addict. If I spot a nail colour I like, I quickly pick it up. Funny thing about this haul is that each item costs Rs.50/- or less….!!!! :O B-) Yes! No jokes at all. Check out the pics (sorry, I have clicked far too many :/)

First up are these New U nail paints that I bought from there. They used to cost Rs.40/-, but now the prices have hiked to Rs.50/- You get them in many shades and I would like to purchase most of them. But for now, I picked up the following four shades: Light Pink, Candy, Green Apple and Twilight.
L-R: Twilight, Candy, Green Apple, Light Pink

Next are some nailpaints that I bought from this supermarket near my hostel. They are from a brand called Equate. You will never be able to guess how cheap they are! They cost 18 bucks each. Yes, Rs.18/- only. And though they aren't really that great, they are a steal for the quantity and colours that they offer.
Sadly the shades have no names, only numbers. I bought 9 shades.

the shiny ones
the matte ones

Finally, I bought nailpaints from Snapdeal. Now, snapdeal is one of my least favourite online shopping destintions. Mainly, because when they send their products, they send it individually. So, you buy 5 nailpaints from them, and they come individually. How irritating is that. I bought nailpaints from 2 brands that you get there: Nail Juice and Davis.

The Nail Juice nailpaints come in a variety of shades. They cost Rs.50/- each, and their colour pay-off is really great. I bought the shades Leaf Green, Plum, Pomegranate, White and Pink Glitter.

L-R: Pomegranate, Leaf Green, Pink Glitter, White, Plum

Davis nailpaints have recently been introduced there. They are not that great, They come in rather cheap looking bottles and take forever to dry. They cost Rs.35/-. I bought four shades from there: Starlet, Lavender Blush, Valley Flower and Happy Hour.

L-R:Starlet, Valley, Happy Hour, Lavender Blush 

Well, that is all. Will do individual reviews on the nailpaints soon.

Here are some more random shots:

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  1. Thats an awesome Haul! Loved it.... :)

    1. Thanks a lot. Will review each soon. :D

  2. Superb haul to start with Riz!!! Really cheap but i have never found it in my city:(..Happy for you!!Great Going!!!

    1. Thanks a lot :)
      You can get the nail juice and davis ones from

  3. nice haul. following you. kindly follow back

  4. wow you have huge collection of nail paints nice haul if u like check out my blog thanks

  5. I agree with your points on Snapdeal. I too purchased davis and nail juice from them last month and they were sent separately. Nice collection though :)

  6. loved those pastel np's frm New U... following ! :)

  7. Hey.. I fell in love with the davis glitter paint.
    t.I want to know.. how that particularly works..
    show me the swatches :)


  8. Hi Riz. Nice haul.
    Following you :)
    Please follow me too if you like :)

  9. such huge and pretty nail polish your collection here..:)
    following you..:)

  10. Hey Riz!
    I love newu candy shade the looks really cute!
    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a lovely comment... I am actually confused where to follow you as I cant see your GFC... please let me know on which platform I should follow you... <3
    Let's talk about everything

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