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Saturday, 28 September 2013

Nail Colors That will Rock this FALL ;)

Fall is almost here, guys….but are you geared up with all the nail paints that are rocking the fall?
Not yet? What? Why? Oh… don’t know which ones to get, is it? Hmmm….well, worry not, ‘coz B is here to tell you all about the fall shades and which ones you can get this year.

Now, I am not really a blindly-follow-the-trend sort of a person, but I do like keeping up with whatever it is that most women are running after. The whole “nail color and match them with your clothes, and the season, and the occasion, and with the year, and with what-the-h*ll-not” is a trend that is well, let’s just say very-in for a few years now.

So, now I am here to just give a tiny insight to some shades that you can keep handy this time of the year.

Have a look at the image below…

As you can see, autumn/fall/winter is all about dark shades. Dark crème shades, be it glossy or matte, metallic or shimmery or a mix of any. The rule here is: If it’s DARK, it is Right!
Now, you might be wondering why is Neutral there? Well, it is my belief, that for nude shades, there is no summer or winter. It is one shade that you can rock all year around.
So, next time you visit the store with the thought of buying a wintery nailpolish, be sure to pick up something a little darker. Leave the pastels and neons for another time (preferably spring and summers), not now. But if that still doesn’t work with you, just get a nice nude shade and you should be good to go :)

Now, coming onto some respective shades that you can add to your collection, here’s a list of colours that is currently creating a rave this winter. Get your pick from among these:

1.       GREEN: Green is in this year. Did you see the whole Mint craze that took the whole woman community by storm in 2013? And, are you aware that Jade was one of the go-to colours this year, as far as nail shades are concerned? Every top Nailpaint company came up with atleast one unique green shade, and every blog that I visited seem to go on and on about how mush they loved it. So, what are you waiting for? Have you decided to add a green nailpaint to your vanity yet?
My Picks: Revlon Moss Green, Revlon Forest green, Faces Mysterious Green, Lakme Royal Collection Emerald Green, Lakme Royal collection Khaki.

2.       OXBLOOD/GARNET: Did you notice the number of oxblood ensembles that ruled the red carpet this year? Needless to say, Oxblood and Garnet, a shade that was mostly 80’s, is back with a bang this year. It’s not for brides anymore. Nowadays, even the cleaning bua in my hostel is wearing an oxblood shade on her toes. So, if she is up for following the trend, why not you? Yeah? ;)
My picks: Maybelline Colorama Ruby, Faces Bridal Red.

3.       GRAY: Till a few months back, I always found gray to be a dull shade, one that would make your nails look dull and make you go “sigh…’s boringgg!” But, not anymore. Gray has become one of my personal favourites. Another sought-after shade this year, Gray has become the new classy shade. ‘If you wear gray, you have got class’ is the new motto.
My picks: Faces Grey Matter, Revlon Mischievous, Colorbar Exclusive 06, Avon Gun Metal.

4.       PLUM: One can never have too many plum shades. Plum has been ruling the winter line for a few years now and if you don’t have a plum nail paint yet, it’s time to put on your shopping shoes and run to the stores now. A shade that suits all skintones, you can never have an excuse for not buying a plum nailpaint.
My picks: Lotus Plum Delight, Colorbar plum Wine, Revlon Plum Deluxe.

5.       NAVY BLUE: A newbie in the winter nailpaint department, have you noticed how it is present in the new Fall/Winter collections from China Glaze, OPI, Essie and all other nailpaint brands?
My picks: Maybelline Colorama Marinho, Faces Ultramarine Blue, Faces Siberian Nights.

6.       DARK BROWN: Another shade that’s a part of all the nailpaint collections this fall, brown seems to be on everyone’s mind. So, is it in your mind yet?
My picks: Lotus Choco Fudge,

7.       NUDE: If all else fails and none of the colours above seem to catch your fancy, then fret not. Just pick up a nude nail colour and come back home :P
My picks: Colorbar Exclusive 20, Maybelline colorama Nude, Maybelline Colorama Rosa Antigo (A beautiful, dark rosy nude).

8.       SHIMMERS: Shimmers are so in right now. Use them alone or layer it over your favourite fall nail polish, it will not disappoint you :)
My picks: Maybelline Colorama Glitter prata, Faces Shanghai Shimmer.

So, this fall, do get at least one or two of the above shades, and if you already have them, then what are you waiting for? Go! Start your fall mani NOW!!!

Hope this post was useful.


Riz :)

DISCLAIMER: The nail swatches seen in the collage do not belong to me. They have all been taken from various sites. I have mentioned the sources of each picture below. However, if you see your nail swatch there, and donot want it to be there, please send me a mail at or comment below, and I will immediately remove it :)

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Sunday, 1 September 2013

Avon Care Fairness Facewash with Licorice

Hello everyone,

I will be reviewing the Avon Care ‘Fairness’ Exfoliation Facewash with licorice.

As soon as I saw this in the catalogue, I decided to Google licorice and see what it has to say…and here is what I found (from wikipedia): Licorice is the root of Glycyrrhiza glabra from which a somewhat sweet flavor can be extracted. The licorice plant is a legume (related to beans and peas) that is native to southern Europe and parts of Asia.
Also, it does not necessarily mention anything about it’s fairness property, however, after much research :P I found out that licorice is known to fade out tan, and thus help in making you fair.

The facewash comes in a cute, tiny pink and white tube with a blue screw cap.
The facewash, as such is almost transparent, but it contains these tiny white specks which help in exfoliation. The facewash is very mild and is safe for everyday use (unlike most scrubs). It does deep clean the face and remove all traces of oil and dirt, but it tends to make your face a little dry, so following up with a moisturizer is a must. It has a mild fruity fragrance which I like.

What is completely untrue about this facewash is it’s fairness claim! You will notice no fading of tan or extra fairness post-usage. However, once your face is all clean, it does impart the clean-face glow seen from almost all facewashes. Apart from that, this facewash does nothing extra to your face. It’s just an ordinary everyday facewash.

Quantity: 50g.
Price: Rs.99. (yes, expensive- compared to the quantity/quality. You might get it cheaper during Avon offers, though)

This is how the facewash looks

Can you see the tiny white flakes?? Hmmm...I guess not! :/
Well, they do a good job at scrubbing though :)

Will I purchase this again?: Maybe, Maybe not. Since this facewash doesn’t really do much for my face, I might skip it or buy it a year or two later when I want use it again :P

Rating: 3.5/5.