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Sunday, 1 September 2013

Avon Care Fairness Facewash with Licorice

Hello everyone,

I will be reviewing the Avon Care ‘Fairness’ Exfoliation Facewash with licorice.

As soon as I saw this in the catalogue, I decided to Google licorice and see what it has to say…and here is what I found (from wikipedia): Licorice is the root of Glycyrrhiza glabra from which a somewhat sweet flavor can be extracted. The licorice plant is a legume (related to beans and peas) that is native to southern Europe and parts of Asia.
Also, it does not necessarily mention anything about it’s fairness property, however, after much research :P I found out that licorice is known to fade out tan, and thus help in making you fair.

The facewash comes in a cute, tiny pink and white tube with a blue screw cap.
The facewash, as such is almost transparent, but it contains these tiny white specks which help in exfoliation. The facewash is very mild and is safe for everyday use (unlike most scrubs). It does deep clean the face and remove all traces of oil and dirt, but it tends to make your face a little dry, so following up with a moisturizer is a must. It has a mild fruity fragrance which I like.

What is completely untrue about this facewash is it’s fairness claim! You will notice no fading of tan or extra fairness post-usage. However, once your face is all clean, it does impart the clean-face glow seen from almost all facewashes. Apart from that, this facewash does nothing extra to your face. It’s just an ordinary everyday facewash.

Quantity: 50g.
Price: Rs.99. (yes, expensive- compared to the quantity/quality. You might get it cheaper during Avon offers, though)

This is how the facewash looks

Can you see the tiny white flakes?? Hmmm...I guess not! :/
Well, they do a good job at scrubbing though :)

Will I purchase this again?: Maybe, Maybe not. Since this facewash doesn’t really do much for my face, I might skip it or buy it a year or two later when I want use it again :P

Rating: 3.5/5.



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