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Saturday, 10 August 2013

Premium Eau de Cologne: a must-have!!!

Hi :)

I love the feeling that I get every time I come out of the shower. It's cool and I smell nice and things just seem a lot clearer :D
I usually follow up every bath with a body lotion all over my body (if I am extremely lazy, I just apply lotion on my arms and legs, from knee downwards), a moisturiser for my face, lip balm...and...Premium Eau de Cologne. 

Most of you must have come across this product in the supermarkets or maybe even used it yourself. For those who didn't, let me tell you, you are missing out on something rather big. This cologne has a refreshing fragrance, it stays on all day, battling all those naughty bacteria that try to have a party in your underarms and other nips and cracks. I use this cologne everyday after a shower and trust you me, even after 12 hours, I can still smell the cologne on me.

For those who are unaware, using deos have their own set of side-effects. They burn your skin, may not last long and some are pretty expensive, if you are a regular deo-user. To counter all these problems, this cologne works just perfectly. It will not burn your skin, it lasts long and hello! It costs 85 bucks for 100ml., and that lasts for a really long time. The only downfall might be that, it doesn't really do much in the anti-perspirant department. If you have issues with heavy sweating, you might have to use an anti-perspirant (preferably a roll-on) with this.

Well, that concludes this post, it was a short one, beacause I basically wanted to bring this product to everyone's notice. It is my must-have product and once you use it, I am sure, most of you will not be disappointed.
So, go ahead! Say bye-bye to those bacteria and hello to smelling fresh all day :))

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