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Saturday, 10 August 2013

Maybelline Water Shine Liquid Diamond Lipglosses: Reviews and Swatches

“Shine bright like a diamond
Shine bright like a diamond
Shine bright like a diamond
We’re beautiful like diamonds in the sky”

Okay, now those were lines from Rihanna’s Diamonds.

Ever wondered how one can shine like diamonds? Do you like rub on shiny glitters on your face or highlight your cheeks till they glow? Hmmm….well, when it comes to shining like diamonds for your lips, Maybelline seems to have come up with an answer!

Presenting to you Maybelline Watershine Liquid Diamonds, the very first lipgloss I ever used was from this brand (actually, that’s not entirely true. The first lipgloss I tried was when I was like 6 or something and my aunt had got this tiny tube of pink gloss from London. It tasted better than it looked, and I am pretty sure I glossed my stomach lining more than my lips with it). Okay, moving on, Oh! Yeah…so I was saying that these were the first glosses I used and surely the first glosses many of you used as well.

Maybelline Water Shine Liquid Diamonds (Top-Bottom: Pink Ruby, Coral Sunset, Crystal Amethyst, Pink Glitters)

Currently, I have four of these. Will be reviewing them for you. I love all the shades and they are really unique. These are the shades that I would repurchase over and over again. As far as the other shades are concerned, you can find dupes in any other brand.

These glosses come in the regular gloss containers, with a soft doe-foot tipped wand. The containers are really tiny and that kinda looks cute.

Quantity: 3ml (enough to last you a good 5-6 months with regular usage)
Price: Rs.210/-

What I Love about these:
·         They are super-cute. So tiny and sturdy, they fit right into your jean’s pocket or into your purse or wallet.
·         They are affordable. Yeah, Maybelline has been increasing the value of these for sometime now. But still, they are quite affordable.
·         They last for a decent 3-4hours, provided you don’t eat or drink something.
·         They are available everywhere. Literally everywhere, be in online shopping sites or malls, or local cosmetic stores.
·         There are so many colours to choose from. You can surely find your pick.

What I Don’t Love about these:
·         Wish they stayed a little longer. But honestly, for the price, they are okay!
·         These glosses are kinda sticky. One hawa ka jhonka and your loose hair will nicely come and stick onto your lips :/

Coming down to the individual shades now:

PINK RUBY: this is an everyday-pink colour that will suit all skin tones. It has these tiny gold glitters which make the shade look really pretty. It is not sheer and hence the colour shows up beautifully on the lips. Pigmented lips might require more than 2 coats to appreciate the colour. A must-have from the range, trust me! You will not be disappointed.
CORAL SUNSET: Is it a coral shade? Not really. Does it remind me of sunset? Nope! Then why did I buy this colour? ‘Coz it’s so unique. I have not seen a shade like this in any other brand, and it looks very pretty when swatched. It’s basically a flesh-tinted gloss with specks of gold and silver glitter and comes off shimmery with no tint when you apply it. I have slightly pigmented lips and this shade does not show up on my lips. I will not be buying this shade again.

CRYSTAL AMETHYST: Look at the swatch…isn’t it absolutely gorgeous?! When I first bought this shade, I wasn’t really into it much. I just purchased it because it was purple, and I thought this would be a change from all the pink glosses I keep hoarding. However, this is one of my current favourite glosses. It is a gorgeous purple-hued gloss with loads of silver shimmer. Also, it is superbly pigmented. One swipe brings out the colour beautifully on my lips. I use 2 coats during the evenings. Another must-have, if you are into purple glosses.

PINK GLITTERS: this shade is all about the glitters. It gives your lips no hint of colour but oodles of silver and golden glitter. I love this shade, especially for parties. The glitter is not chunky or over-the-top. One swipe of this, and your lips will definitely glitter like diamonds!
#another similar shade from this range is Strawberry Carats. It has the same amount of glitter, but on the slightly dark pink base.

Last Word: these glosses, from Maybelline are one of my favourite glosses ever since I can remember. They are pocket-friendly (in terms of both Size and the green notes :P), they last long and they have many shades to choose from. If you are a gloss person, on a rather fixed budget, then Maybelline Liquid Diamonds are the answer to your Shine-like-a-diamond Moments!

Another pic to bring out the colours better:
L-R: Pink Ruby, Coral Sunset, Crystal Amethyst, Pink Glitters

Hope this post was useful.

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  1. Nice post,even I have them they are very sticky yet good for it's price

    1. true...they are a little sticky, but I cant resist buying them They are so cute :)

  2. very cute swatches dear! I especially liked Amethyst & Pink Ruby from the collection.. :)

    1. Thank u so much :)
      Pink Ruby is a must-have for everyone. It's a beautiful colour.


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