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Hi.....those of who know me here in the Blogosphere, know me as Riz. I am a medical student, originally from Kolkata, but living here in Mangalore now. My brush with make-up started around a year and a half back (now being April, 2013), when i saw the colourful Elle 18 advertisement on TV, and just on a whim, Googled it. I clicked on the very first link, and it opened the corresponding IMBB (the page needs no introduction) page.....and eventually opened up my eyes and me to the world of make-up. Before that, the only 'make-up' I used was lip-gloss, but now I have evidently learned enough to start my own blog :P :)

I have been reading a lot of Beauty Blogs, and love the way how each and every single one is made and written, how everyone has their unique special way of writing their blog, and especially how they are passionate about their blog. All this has influenced and motivated me enough to start my own blog. :) 

Presenting to you, Dial B for Beauty, yet another beauty blog, with your regular product reviews, haul posts, DIYs, tips-n-tricks, etc, but with my own special touch, that will make this blog, hopefully, a little 'hatke' (different)!!!! :P

Let me give you a brief overview of the features of this blog:

Reviews: I will be reviewing whatever I can lay my hands on! :P Well, maybe not everything, but whenever a particular thing catches my fancy, I will review it. Then you can choose to buy it or chuck it. Please note that I have a wheatish skintone, and a combination skin, so most of the products I buy and use will be based on that.

Medicine Made Simple (MMS): No! No scandal here! Well, not yet. :D
Like i have already mentioned, I am a medical student, and after coming here, I realized that there are certain things which everybody should know, whether you are in the medical field or not. This section will deal with that aspect. It is my way of trying to spread the word about safety and taking care....'coz your body needs more love than you realize.

Hauls!: I am not usually an impulsive shopper, but I do keep buying stuff every now and then. Here, you will get an insight to what I am talking about! :)

Stash the Trash: Recently, I have developed a flare for making things - starting from cute storage boxes for my makeup to my very own nailpaints and blushes, all from things that I was about to or eventually would have thrown away. This is your regular D-I-Y section, here you will see all those inventions and maybe get motivated to make them for yourself too! :D

Giveaways: Yup!!! These, we all love. And these need no introduction. This page will display all the giveaways this blog will host, the ongoing ones and the upcoming ones.

Contests: These too, need no introduction. If I am not in the mood for a simple giveaway, I will announce a contest. :D

Gup-Shup!!!: a.k.a Chit-chat. If you want to shoot me a mail for any query or complaints, this is where you will find me. Also, here you will find the links to this blog's facebook, twitter and other pages that you can like or follow. 

Oh! I almost forgot! I want to introduce you to 'B'. Well, this page does say 'About B and Me', well, meet B, my blog. I will try to make B as helpful and friendly as possible, so that you all can befriend her and so that she can guide you to buy the right products and make life easier. :)

Well, that brings us to the end of all that you might need to know. If you have any further doubts or suggestions that you might think will help me, please feel free to send me a mail or you can comment below or on the Gup-Shup!!! page. This blog will love to receive constructive criticisms, as much as it will love to receive love and praises from each one of you. So, if you like B and think that she is different, please do follow me and support me, i mean, US!!! <3


  1. Hi Riz.. Really loved your blog.. By the way i am a medical student too!!!:)

    1. wow....that's great. now we can inspire each other. :P :D


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