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Friday, 9 August 2013

The Cheapest and Best Nail Enamels Ever: EQUATE Nail Enamels

Hey everyone,


I am in a very colourful mood today. It's very rare that we get a holiday, but today, thanks to Eid, we have a holiday and i am superrrrr-happpyyyyyy :))
I have been awfully busy and have hardly posted in the past couple of weeks. However, I have quite a few pending posts and they should be out in the coming week.

Coming down to today's review, it is on Equate Nail Paints....remember the Rs.18/- nailpaints that I had hauled....well, yeah..those! You can refresh your memory about the haul HERE and check out my review on the Davis Nail Paints, as well :)

I found the Equate Nail Paints in this supermarket near my hostel and they are available in quite a few colours. Everytime I go there, they have new colours on display! *_*

What I like the most about these nail paints is that, even though they are so inexpensive, they are actually pretty decent in terms of quality and quantity. They are opaque, such that 2 coats are enough. They chip in about 4-5 days, which is okay.The consistency of most of these enamels is good, not too thick nor too runny. The brush provided is long and decent. All in all, everything about these nailpaints is pretty good.
The only thing that might piss a few people off is that they have no names, but numbers to denote the shade, which if you see, is not really a con. Oh, and drying takes a little time, around 10 minutes approximately.

I have nine of these nailpaints and without further adieu let me just swatch them for you all :D
And sorry about the messy application and the funny-shaped nails :\

A dark red shade, looks good on both fingernails and toes. Will suit everyone. I have applied 1 thick coat here.

This colour looks like neon pink in the bottle, but when you apply it, it turns out to be a very bright and pretty corally pink shade. Me lovey lovey! 2 coats applied above.

My favourite of the lot. A dupe of Lotus Herbal Grape Pop nail enamel. This is very runny and a little sheer. I have applied 3 coats here.

Turquoise blue shade with a slight sheen to it. 1 coat applied.

Classic silver nailpaint with lots of silver shimmer. 2 coats applied above.

Bright red. Dupe of  Maybelline Colorama Graus. It was a little runny. Applied 2 coats.

Not a fan of this shade. It is crammed with heaps and heaps of silver glitter. 2 coats used.

I think this was meant to be a gold shade, but it looks bronze-ish. again, lots of glitters in this one. 2 coats applied.

a copper-toned shade. Slightly runny. Apllied 2 coats above.

Do you like the shades? What's your thought about these? Have you ever come across such cheap nailpaints? Let me know in the comments section below.


RIZ <3


  1. I think it does a good job for it's price, classic silver looks good.

    1. yes, they certainly do. I was happily surprised when these turnd out to be much better than I would have ever hoped! :)
      However, I do wish they would dry faster! :/


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