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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

New BB on the Block!!!

Hello everyone....
....and a very warm Welcome to my blog.

No, this isn't a review....sorry, if you thought that I was reviewing a BB cream. I am just introducing myself into the Blogosphere, and would like to introduce my blog, 'Dial B for Beauty' to you all.

Dial B for Beauty, is my dream of almost six months now. I have been working on it for about three months now. I am an avid reader of Beauty Blogs, and I am honestly awed by the fact that there are so many beauty blogs, in India alone; and each of them are different from one other in some way or the other. Another thing which deeply moved me was the love and support each blogger shows to one another. All this motivated me enough to seriously think about starting my own beauty blog.
I just wish that my blog gets support and love from fellow bloggers and viewers, and that in some way, it helps them to make the correct beauty choices. Also, I have a Medicine section in my blog, where I will be talking about health care and associated issues, that I am sure will help everyone. 
For more information, please click on the 'About B and Me' page, or you can contact me for suggestions and improvements that you think my blog needs.
Here's hoping that my blog and I get loads of love and support from you all.



  1. Welcome to blogging! :)


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